Sunday, May 19, 2013

Product Sales Cycle 2

Here is the second list.  I personally like the first list better.  But it could be regional on which list is more accurate.

January:         Chips, snacks, sodas, frozen foods, diet foods, tea, and high fiber foods.
                        Winter coats, Christmas, furniture and linens

February:        Chocolate, Chinese, canned foods, soups, snacks. Heart-healthy products,
                        Winter clothing

March:            Frozen foods, video games

April:  Eggs, ham, lamb, kosher foods, asparagus, whole-grains, soy and

May:               Paper products, condiments, BBQ sauce, soda, strawberries

June:              Yogurt, cheese, milk, ice cream, tools

July:                Hotdogs, ketchup, picnic items, school supplies, furniture

August:           Fresh produce, pool toys, swim suits, patio furniture, back to school

September:      Breakfast items, summer clothes

October:         Candy, wine, pizza, pasta, lawn mowers, garden tools

November:     Canned vegetables, soup, turkey, frozen pies, baking supplies 

December:      Baking supplies, prime rib, cars, wedding dresses

The above information is from the book:  How I paid $8 for $170 worth of groceries by Charmaine Gerber


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