Saturday, May 18, 2013

I got 50 items at Kroger and saved 48%

I saw on the survey where someone doesn't want to see that we saved a huge amount and only got 5 items.  I complete understand them.  If I post something like that I will do it so you know where to get that savings that week.  Normally those come from the drugstores.  I did go to Kroger yesterday and saved 48% on 50 items.  I had a coupon for almost everything that I bought.  I buy Sunflower brand flour and there are no coupons for it.  I try to buy it on sale but I was out and it was not on sale.  I did not buy milk but every so often Kroger runs a special where you buy so much cereal of a certain company, you get a free gallon of milk.  I also was out of fries and again did not have a coupon and bought the Kroger brand because it is cheaper than Ora Ida (even with the coupon I had).

I do try and use a coupon on everything I buy and also buy it when it is on sale.  Doing this gets the most bang for your buck.  I am attaching a picture of the savings on my receipt with the total items purchased.  On the receipt you will see where it says "Your Kroger Savings Today."  In that section it tells you your manufacturer coupon savings, bonus coupon savings (from doubling), Kroger Plus Savings (normally the biggest amount) and the Total Savings with percent of savings.

Also watch the fuel points at the bottom of the receipt   This gets you 10 cents off per gallon of gas at Kroger Stations and Paducah's Pockets (Exit 3) for every 100 points.


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