Sunday, May 19, 2013

Product Sale Cycle List 1

I have two list of when people say Items go on sale.  This is the first list.  I will make a separate post of the second list since they do vary.

January:  After Christmas Items, towels, linens, oranges, tangelos, split peas

February:  Sodas, chips, snacks, crackers, cabbage, potatoes, onions

March:  Allergy items, Kleenex, broccoli, dried beans, grapefruit

April:  Ham, eggs, baking ingredients, salsa, corn chips, refried beans, carrots, frozen orange juice, greens

May and June:  Barbecue sauce, marinades, condiments, country time lemonade, charcoal, hot dogs, diary

June:  Chicken, strawberries, dairy products

July:  Toys, green beans, squash, peaches

July and August:  Back to school supplies

August:  Corn, watermelon, tomatoes

September:  School lunch supplies, Capri suns, pop tarts, cabbage, grapes, pears

October:  Apples, cauliflower, pork

November:  Cough Medicine, cold medicine, soup (Campbell’s), Jell-o, Oats (Quakers), tissues, cranberries, turkey, turnips, squash

December:  Carnation milk, baking ingredients, wet wipes, boxed stuffing and potatoes, canned vegetables, frozen orange juice, potatoes, tangerines.

Also, some products like toilet paper, paper towels, soft drinks, and cereal cycle every 6-8 weeks.

The above information is from the book:  Savvy Saving: Couponing secrets from the Stockpiling Moms, by Melissa Jennings and Shelley King.  Book available from and


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