Friday, May 17, 2013

Don't buy newspapers just because they have coupons.

Don't buy newspapers just because they have coupons.  Today many people get their coupons from the internet but newspapers are still a great way to get coupons.  If there aren't any coupons in the paper that week that you will use though, it's not worth the cost of the newspaper.  Many times I have not bought any newspapers because I wouldn't use the coupons that were in there that week.

How do you know what coupons will be in the paper?  I subscribe to several couponing websites and several of them will send out an email that will have a link to see that weeks coupons.  However, I personally visit SouthernSavers who has a tab on the top right of the page that says Sunday Ad Inserts.

When I do buy newspapers, I don't always clip all the coupons.  Even at a reduced price, an item you aren't going to use isn't a deal.  I only clip the coupons for products I know I will use or for products we will donate to the troops or local charities.


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