How to Coupon

We are constantly asked, "How do you save so much money?"  On this page, we will try to explain what we do step by step.  If you have any questions, just post a comment below because someone else probably has the same question.  If you don't want to post a comment, feel free to email us at

1.  Create an email account just for couponing
      We recommend creating an email account for couponing because it keeps your primary email account from being flooded and allows you to keep all of your emails about couponing, giveaways, and promotions consolidated in one location.  Getting spammed has not been an issue but creating a separate account helps protect your primary email account if it does happen.  You can get a free account quickly and easily from Gmail.

2.  Sign up for emails from your favorite stores and products
      Sign up for emails from your favorite stores and products.  You will receive emails from them that at times will contain special offers or coupons.  Often, these coupons offer you a better deal than you will find in the paper or elsewhere online.  

3.  Use social media to your benefit
     Be sure to "Like" your favorite stores and products on Facebook, "Follow" on Twitter and Pinterest, etc..  Often companies will give their social media followers special deals or coupons.  It's not uncommon to see giveaways and who doesn't like free?

4.  Don't use coupons just because you have them
     Patience pays off.  Don't rush to use coupons, sometimes you are better off if you wait to see if a product goes on sale.  It's always best to match a coupon with a sale, that way you get the maximum savings.  If a product doesn't go on sale, you can always use a coupon on an item at it's full retail price before it expires, but this requires you to stay organized and know when your coupons expire.

5.  Don't buy newspapers just because they have coupons
      We never buy newspapers just because they have coupons that Sunday.  Always check to see what coupons will be in the paper that Sunday.  We normally use but you may a different site you prefer and if you are in a region other than the southeast you will need to find another site.  If you look through the list of coupons and don't see enough coupons you will use to cover the cost of the paper then it isn't worth buying multiple papers.

6.  Sign up for store loyalty cards
      Sign up for store loyalty cards.  It normally doesn't take long or require much more than your phone number, birthday, address, phone number and email address (one of the reason to create an email address specifically for couponing).  By signing up you will often accumulate points which will earn you a discount, an outright discount, and special offers.  Don't worry about having to keep up with all of those cards either!  Most stores allow you to access your card by punching your phone number into the keypad on their credit card readers or if you have a smart phone, you can download KeyRing, a free app, which allows you to store your card in that app.  The app will scan and store the bar code for your card which you can access and is scanable by bar code readers.  On the iPhone, the Passport app is supposed to do the same thing but we prefer KeyRing.

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