Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sara's Metropolis Big John's Haul

 Today is the day that Metropolis Big John's triples coupons up to $.75.  My total with out coupons would have been $258.22.  With my coupons I saved $194.16 and only had to pay $64.06!   I know a lot of people have asked what I buy and is it what is needed and what "normal" people buy?  That answer is yes.

What I purchased was:
4 packages of Sister Schubert rolls
2 Tony's pizzas
2 Simply Lemonades
4 packages of Sargento's cheese slices
2 packages of hotdogs
3 packages of Land O Frost lunch meat
4 boxes of Texas Toast Garlic Bread
2 containers of Clorox Glass Wipes
                    2 Dawn dish detergent (large bottles)
                    1 Dawn dish detergent (small bottle)
                    4 packages of Huggies baby wipes
                    4 boxes of Desitin diaper rash cream
                    8 Knorr pasta sides
                    4 boxes of Betty Crocker Pasta Salad
                    4 packages of Oreo s
                    4 packages of Chips Ahoy
                    4 tubes of Suave deodorant
                    4 packages of Angel Soft Toilet Paper
                    2 packages of Charmin Basic Toilet Paper
                    1 package of Texas Toast Croutons
                    4 bottles of Season All Seasoning
                     2 cans of green beans
                     2 cans of corn
                     1 single roll of Bounty paper towels
                     1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese spread
                                                                                     1 Pepto Bismol

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