Thursday, November 7, 2013

Purex UltraPacks with Oxi review

The Purex is excellent!  I love these UltraPacks.  They are a little larger than the size of a quarter and you just drop them in the wash, no measuring required.  I have noticed that Chris' work clothes are cleaner than what they have been.  His pants and shirts are always covered in dirt from moving diary products in and out of stores all day long. 

I have sensitive skin and normally can not use any detergent that has anything extra with it without breaking out in a rash.  This Purex UltraPacks with OXI detergent has not affected me at all!  I love Purex and know you will to. 

While Sara received free pods to try I did not but I scored a bottle of Purex with Oxi for free and started using it when Sara got the pods.  I normally use Purex and can't say I noticed a difference with my clothes except for some undershirts.  I have some undershirts I just wear around the house.  These shirts have become very dingy and have some pasta sauce and blood stains.  These white shirts weren't very white any longer.  I can't say the Purex with Oxi helped with the year old stains but after just two washings, the shirts are actually white again.

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