Sunday, November 17, 2013

Helping Massac County Storm Victims

Most of you are from our area (W. Kentucky) and know we just had several reports of tornadoes go through our area.  Brookport, IL was the hardest hit so far and the storms still are not over.  You can help buy taking blankets, Medical Supplies, diapers and personal hygiene items to be dropped off at Metropolis First Baptist Church tonight before 6pm. Also, please do NOT go to look at the devastation...they need Emergency Vehicles to be able to get there and care for the injured. Share this status with others who can join in the prayers!  Please pray for everyone that has been affect and those helping out.  I have heard of 1 fatality so far.  

Also FOR PETS FROM PROJECT HOPE:  If you find an animal that has been displaced from the tornado that has hit Brookport, IL, please take it to the Landing Strip Bar, 6850 S Us 45 Rd (between Metropolis and Brookport). We are working with local animal control officers to address the need of displaced animals. If you have a building that you would be willing to be used as a staging/temporary shelter for displaced animals, please let us know.

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