Friday, July 19, 2013

Help the McCracken County Mustang Band with your Kroger Card

The McCracken County High School Mustang Band with your Kroger Card.  All you have to do is on the Kroger website and add the band to your card and they will receive 5% of your purchase. Here is the information from the McCracken County Band website:

K roger Community Rewards
Kroger is committed to helping the community. The Kroger Community Rewards Program was
designed to make fund-raising easy by simply using your Kroger Plus Card.
If you are a Kroger shopper and you use the Kroger plus card, you can connect your Kroger card
to the Band Rewards account. If you have never used your card on the Kroger website, you will
need to sign up to have an online Kroger account.
1. Go to
2. Click on the create an account button and then fill out the short form.
3. Once you are signed in with your card, click on the community tab.
4. Click on the Kroger Community Rewards tab.
5. Scroll down to the Ohio (Cincinnati, Dayton); Indiana; Kentucky section.
6. Click the enroll now button.
7. In the search box enter 81176 (this is our organization number)
8. The organization name Reidland High School Band will come up on the screen.
9. Select the organization and click save.
Once you click save your Kroger card will be connected to the rewards account and the band will
earn rewards each time you shop at Kroger. It will take 7 􀂱 10 business days from sign up before
your purchases will begin to count toward band rewards. It will not affect the accumulation of
your own personal reward points.
If you do not have a Kroger card, you can ask the service desk or a cashier to sign you up for a
Kroger card. Once you have your card, simply follow the directions above.
Kroger does require that you register your card with the community rewards each year in
April. So please make a note on your calendar to sign up again next year.

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