Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free Amdro PowerFlex System

Visit Amdro's site to get a coupon for a free PowerFlex System.  I have previously gotten to try the system for free from a promotion Amdro sponsored.  I am a fan of the system, especially at the price of free.  If you sign up, you will get to print a coupon that gets you a free PowerFlex system (retails for about $15) when you purchase a refill 2 pack (retail is supposed to be about $12 but you can often find it cheaper). - G.

On the screen where you print the coupon look at the bottom right for HELP.  Click help and a new window will open and you can have the coupon mailed to you.  You then can close the window after you fill it out and print the coupon.  After you print once hit the back button 2-3 times and it will print a second coupon!!  ~S~

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