Saturday, April 12, 2014

Purex No Sort Review and Giveaway!

I received a bottle of Purex No Sort to write an honest review on and have a giveaway where 3 lucky Sibling Savers readers will each receive a coupon for a free bottle of the Purex No Sort.

I feel like I am constantly doing laundry at my house and there is only 2 of us living here.  I usually do about 6 loads of laundry a week.  I am constantly sorting work clothes from everyday clothes.  I will probably always sort out our work clothes before I wash them.  Chris and myself have navy pants and royal blue shirt we were to work, so we quickly accumulate a large load dark clothes.  Because of this I will wash our dark clothes two-three times a week.  I will probably always sort it out so we have our uniforms but not worry as much about our everyday clothes, socks and underwear.  Everything but our work clothes will now be one large load instead of two small loads.

I had some colors that need to be washed but I had enough for two small loads.  Thanks to the Purex No Sort I tossed everything into one load.  I didn't think anything of it when I put red and green clothes in with the whites. With Purex No Sort I will more than likely be doing less laundry when I need to wash some uniforms and have whites or reds to wash as well.  I can't wait to put all of it in the washer and not worry about colors bleeding into something else.

Purex No Sort will be a money saver for me.  I will be having less loads to wash, which in turn will save money on electricity, water and detergent.

With regular detergent, dyes can bleed onto other fabrics in wash. With Purex ® No Sort™, loose dyes are trapped, reducing color bleed accidents.Check out this image from about Anti-Color Transfer Technology.  

Watch the commercial here:  Purex "The Rules Have Changed" Commerical

Purex has also launched a $1 coupon off one bottle at 

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  1. I do 3 or 4 loads a week. This would definitely make my life easier!

  2. I do 6-7 loads a week with kids and bedding. Love Purex!!

  3. I do 5+ loads of laundry a weeks. This will help my family's clothes and bedding smelling great! Thanks for the giveaway! :)