Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How I got $212 of groceries for $72

 We have told you that the last Tuesday of every month Big John's Grocery in Metropolis, IL, triples coupons up to 75 cents.  I went today and got very lucky.  I printed the Kraft coupons that were released twice on coupons.com.  I was able to get 4 of each coupon.  Everything I purchased I had a coupon for, and all the coupons I used came from the internet.  I think this is the first transaction I have had that I did not use at least one paper coupon from the newspaper.   I got my first coupons for bananas from Dole on Facebook.  I got the bananas for free!!  Watch their page because they have said they are going to do it again.  I will let you know if I see it in time for you to print them.

My total was $212.32 before the coupons.  After tripling a coupon for every item, my total came down to $72.66.

Watch for Metropolis Big John's post of when they are doing triple coupons.  They double to 50 cents every day.  This is make it worth the time to drive across state lines.

What I purchased was:
2 bags of Ore-Ida frozen potatoes
4 jars of Miracle Whip
3 jars of Planters Peanuts
1 container of Drano crystals
2 jars of Crisco
2 boxes of Bisquick
2 packages of Sister Schubert rolls
1 package of Sister Schubert cinnamon rolls
1 package of Sister Schubert sausage rolls
3 packages of Oscar Mayer bologna
2 boxes of Gorton's Fish
2 boxes of North Star (Prairie Farms) Popsicle
2 bunches of Dole Bananas
4 containers of Kool-Aid
3 cans of Campbell's chicken noodle
2 jars of French's Mustard
                                                                4 packages of Kraft cheese slices
                                                                4 packages of Kraft shredded cheese
                                                                4 packages of Velveeta cheese slices
                                                                4 packages of Velveeta shredded cheese
                                                                2 containers of Velveeta
                                                                2 packages Keebler Coconut Delight cookies


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