Thursday, August 22, 2013

Update on Sara's Hand

I went back to the doctor this morning to get the wrap off my hand and my stitch out.  Yes there was only one stitch, but it was about 2 inches long.  It was tied off on each side with those loops.  The assistant gently pulled the right side enough to cut the loop off.  Then she went to the left side and pulled the stitch out.  I could feel it under on the left side.  It was quite an odd feeling.  I know have to wear a brace for at least two weeks. Plus, I only have a 2 pound weight limit.

The doctor came in and let me know the best news which was that the cyst was not cancerous!!  He said the cyst had been deflated and had refilled and caused an unusual shape and had a good blood supply to it, which is why he had it sent off for testing.  More than likely the blood supply is why I had had so much pain.  He also said  the cyst left a hole and is why I have to wear the brace and have a 2 pound weight limit.  I have the pleasure of now waiting until all the tissue grows back and fills in the hole.  I go back in two weeks to find out how much longer I have to wear the brace and will be off work.

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