Friday, June 14, 2013

House Party

I have signed up for House Party about a year ago.  I have seen several other bloggers post about it and I signed up.  I have been frustrated with them for awhile now wondering if they were legit.  I kept seeing them post about people having parties, but I had not known of anyone personally to get an invite.  Some of the parties you have to buy the item(s) and have a party, take videos, pictures and write a review about the party.  Several of the parties are about food, beverages, books etc.  I have actually been chosen to host a party on July 13 at 5pm at my house.  I will have food from Morning Star farms. I am unsure of what all I will have at the party till I get my kit in the mail.  If anyone would like to come please let me know on here, email or my personal Facebook page.  If you want to sign up to host your own House Party event visit:  House Party


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